How Do You Properly Care For Eye Lashes?

Whether you have false eye lashes or you have eyelash extensions, the key to maintaining the lifespan of those lashes is to properly care for them. Unfortunately though, many people spend a lot getting lashes near me applied or on fake eyelashes, and then they shorten the lifespan of those lashes simply because they do not know how to properly care for them. Here are a few tips to help you get the most of the eyelashes that you are paying good money for.

The number one rule to caring for your eyelashes is to never wear extensions and fake eye lashes together. The glue on fake eyelashes can rip your extensions out. The second rule of thumb is to always use an eyelash spoolie, sometimes referred to as an eyelash wand, to comb through either your extensions or fake eyelashes. This helps them to lay in the correct position. A water-based eyelash cleaner is also recommended. Always clean your eyelashes to remove debris and eye make-up. A water-based mascara is also recommended if you are placing mascara on your fake eyelashes or your eyelash extensions. Finally, always avoid rubbing your eyes with extensions or fake lashes on. You can damage the lashes by rubbing them, and once the shape is damaged, you cannot fix it.

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